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22. To help keep in circulation; promote and restock: We turned an excessive amount of items through the holidays.

down - (American football) a whole Perform to progress the soccer; "you have got 4 downs to gain ten yards"

switch - adjust orientation or path, also from the summary sense; "Transform in the direction of me"; "The mugger turned and fled just before I could see his confront"; "She turned from herself and acquired to listen to Other people' requires"

two. a winding or coil. You'll find eighty turns of wire on this aerial. kronkel لَفَّه намотка volta závit die Windung omvikling στροφή, δίπλωμαvuelta keere دور kierros spireסיבוב मोड़ zavoj (tekercs)menet gulungan vafningur, snúningur volta, spira 巻き 바퀴 vija vijums; līkums lilitan slagkveil, tørn, bukt zwój دور volta spiră виток závit navoj obruč varv, omgång ขด; ม้วน kıvrım, büklüm (一)圈 оберт پيچ vòng xoắn (一)圈

flip - a short theatrical efficiency that is an element of a longer method; "he did his act thrice each and every night"; "she had a catchy small program"; "it absolutely was among the finest figures he at any time did"

vi +prep obj he turned down a side Road → er bathroom in eine Seitenstraße ab ? flip in vi her toes flip in when she walks → sie läuft nach innen, sie läuft über den großen Onkel (inf)

? turn spherical (esp Brit) vi (= deal with other way) → sich umdrehen; (= go back) → umkehren; to show round and return → umkehren; to turn spherical and go back to camp → ins Lager zurückkehren; he just turned spherical and hit him → er drehte sich einfach um und schlug ihn

eleven. A deed or motion using a excellent or negative effect on Yet another: "He imagined some Good friend had completed him an unwell transform" (Stephen Crane).

2. the speed at which cash or staff pass through a business. menseomset, personeelwisseling مِقْدار الإنْتاج брой на новопостъпили и напуснали кадри movimento comercial pohyb, fluktuace die Umgruppierung omløbshastighed; gennemtræk ρυθμός αλλαγής, αντικατάστασης ή κυκλοφορίας του κέρδους σε εταιρεία rotación de personal ringlus, voolavus میزان گردش کار vaihtuvuus mouvement, renouvellement שִיעוּר תַחֲלוּפָה व्यापार की मात्रा promet, obrtaj megtérülés perputaran endurnÿjun, hreyfing movimento 回転率 회전율 apyvartos tempai apgrozījuma temps kadar pusing ganti verloopomløpshastighet; gjennomtrekk przerób د کار د ګردش میزان movimento rotaţie оборачиваемость; текучесть pohyb, fluktuácia pretok denarja, ljudi obrt omsättning อัตราเงิน หรือคนหมุนเวียน oran 流通率 обіг; плинність робочої сили بھاؤ sự quay vòng 流通率

attack - an offensive shift in the sport or sport; "they received the game which has a ten-hit attack within the ninth inning"

= change more than mattress, collar, hay → wenden; soil → umgraben; record → umdrehen; page → umblättern

turn - trigger to maneuver together an axis or into a new route; "turn your confront towards the wall"; "convert the car close to"; "transform your dance companion around"

transform all-around, reversal - turning within an reverse direction or position; "the reversal of the image in the lens"

= adjust of path in highway → Kurve f; (Activity) → Wende file; Be careful for a sharp convert during the street → pass auf, wo die Straße eine scharfe Kurve macht; go ahead and take still left-hand flip → biegen Sie one-way links ab; “no still left switch” → „Linksabbiegen verboten“; for making a change towards the still left (driver, car) → nach backlinks abbiegen; (road also) → eine Linkskurve machen; for making a change to port (Naut) → nach Backbord abdrehen; the Canadian swimmer made the greater change → der kanadische Schwimmer wendete besser; he will get his horse to create an exceedingly restricted turn → er wendet sein Pferd sehr eng ? to the convert (= modifying) the leaves are on the turn → die Blätter werden gelb; the tide is around the transform (lit) → die Ebbe/Flut setzt ein, die See ist get redirected here im Stau (spec); their fortunes may be to the flip → ihr Glück könnte sich wandeln; the financial state is about the turn → die Wirtschaft steht vor einem Umschwung ? to take a switch (for) issues took a convert for the better/the even worse → die Dinge wendeten sich zum Guten/zum Schlechten; the individual took a turn for that worse/the higher → das Befinden des Patienten wendete sich zum Schlechteren/zum Besseren; matters took a completely new change → die Dinge nahmen eine neue Wendung; situations took a tragic change → die Dinge nahmen einen tragischen or verhängnisvollen Verlauf ? go to these guys transform of + noun in the flip with the century → this um die Jahrhundertwende; in the switch on the 18th century → an der or um die Wende des eighteen.

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